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The good excuses to date Pamela Handerson

For some people masturbation is still a taboo, but studies have proved that in several societies 95% of men masturbate at least once per month and 89% of women who have had active sex life in the past, also have done it several times.

Although masturbation is still a topic some people are ashamed to talk openly, we are going to talk about the scientific studies that have been done to this subject, and what are the health benefits (physical & psychological benefits) for both men and women, and why shouldn’t be scared or ashamed to talk about it.

Benefits of dating Pamela Handerson:

It prevents cancer: An Australian study back in 2003 found that men’s ejaculation a few times per week can reduce the possibility of develop prostate cancer and urinary tract infections. By ejaculating men can release some desease causing toxins located in the urogenital tract. Studies also are showing that female masturbation can provide protection against cervical infections because when women masturbate, the orgasm opens the cervix.

It prevents incontinence and sexual impotence. By the pass of the ages, men muscles will lose toning. Studies have shown that having frequent sex or “beating off” occasionally works out men’s pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

It helps you last longer: In contrast of the regular thinking, “to beat the bishop” generates men’s precocity in the act of sex. Well if you “jerk off” compulsively, it is probably possible, but “to masturbate “can be used just for the opposite. To train yourself controlling time when you want have the orgasm will give you more control when you are with your partner.

It ups your immunity. In contrast of the belief that male ejaculation reduces defenses. By “choking the chicken” three times per week, it increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which actually help regulate and preserve your immunity in the small doses.

Improves the mood. “To date Rosey Palmer and her 5 sisters” occasionally helps relieve depressive emotions. When women or men become aroused, their hormone levels of dopamine and epinephrine generate in them mood-boosters. Many studies have shown that people who report personal satisfaction in their sex lives, live with less stress and better mood that people that are not having sex satisfaction at all.

Masturbation can help work against insomnia and tension release. Many men who “jerk the johnson” or women who double-click their mouse that find difficulty to sleep after a hectic day, after the climax of masturbation, their hormones of oxytocin and endorphins are released, getting the feeling of calmness, and making them feel serenity that helps them sleep.


There are many false beliefs among youth about masturbation, like the followings:

Pimples (acne):  Acne is a skin disease caused by virus and sometimes by bacteria and has nothing to do with masturbation. Consider that three orgasms per week, generating at least 30% more immunoglobulin in saliva, so the 30% increase in defense for the body, so this means that there is no relationship between acne and “jerking the gherkin”.

Reduce Strength or Make you weak: Neither masturbation nor other sexual activity affect muscle power or makes you skinny (or). It is true that you spend in the act some energy, but the levels or strength are not affected at all.

It will give you dark circles under eyes: Dark circles are due to many causes sometimes because parents have it and are a genetic load. Dark circles are also due the late night, or lack of sleep, but never due to “have a date with Pamela handerson”.

You will inattentive, easily lose concentration and influence your ability to learn. Some studies have shown that people with any sexual activity, are more active and therefore less depressed than those who are repressed sexual desires. “Getting horny” thinking about sexual acts could distract you, but not because “you make love with yourself” ocassionally.

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Top 10 best sexual drinking games in the world.

Most of the people even if they are in a relationship or are single have fantasied to have a little fun with some of their friends; well this may be possible, without compromising your friendship by playing a sex drinking game, and have a lot of fun.  One thing you have to remember is that you must choose a trusty group, none of them couple, because that might get a little awkward.

The following games I’m about to describe, can lead you get laid very easily, remember also to have also some rubbers in your pocket, if it gets really hot, and to eat something before starting to play to avoid getting fucked-up really quick.

We start with our top 10 sexual drinking games ranking:
10. Beer Pong
Beer Pong is a drinking game, which is particularly popular among college students, or any group that wants to get a good buzz. It is usually played in pairs of two, with the teams standing at opposing ends of a flat, rectangular surface (any table). You can see the rules in the following video.

If you want to play it a little bit more exciting, you can set up new rules like for every ping pong ball that gets into your opponent cup, he/she has to take an article of cloth off and drink the beer, that way it gets more interesting because you can distract more your opponent to fail, and it gest more fun.

Beer Pong instructions video 

9. Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) Drinking Game
The rules are very simple:
Take a drink: every time the pool cleaner moves
Take a drink: every time the baby is mentioned
Drink a shot: every time you jump

8. Guess of Strip

Each player is dealt one card, which they cannot look at. You must hold the card in front of you letting everyone else to see it, and you must guess which card you have. How many you are off is the number of shots you must take. The person who was the furthest off must remove an article of clothing.

7. The beer blow

The deck of cards is placed on the empty bottle. Each player blows cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows the last card off the bottle has to drink one cup of beer. If somebody gets an ace among the cards a player blew off - that player has to drink once. So if someone blows down a bunch of cards and two aces are visible that person would drink twice or take a drink and take a article or cloth off.

6. High or Low

The player is dealt a card. He bets as to whether the next card in the deck is higher or lower than his card. If he gets it wrong, he has to drink. 
If you guess incorrectly then you must take a shot or an article of cloth off.

5. Never Have I Ever:

Everyone puts up three fingers; go around saying something you have never done, anyone who has done it puts down a finger. Anyone who is first to have no fingers up must remove a piece of clothing and drink.

4. Flip Sip or Strip

The game is ideal to play with 3 to 5 people. The rules are simple. Flip a coin and while it is in the air, call heads or tails. If you guess right, pass the coin to your right. If you guess wrong, pass the coin to your left and either take one article of clothing off or drink a shot.  When is two times in a row your turn, you may not do the same thing (sip or strip).

3. Sexy Dice

Play it with a number of guys and girls. Get your favorite type of hard liquor and shot glasses, don't forget the dice. There can be two teams boys against girls. Sit in a circle ( For each girl, the next person seated have to be a guy) and start rolling the dice. Who ever do the bigger number go first.

 And then follow these rules:

- Even - take a shot
- Odd - take off a piece of clothing of your choice

- 1-1 = make the call (shot or clothing)
- 2-2 = pass a shot to the person to the right of you
- 3-3 = it's your lucky roll, you go free
- 4-4 = truth or dare to someone of your choice
- 5-5 = lucky roll again, put a piece of clothing back on
- 6-6 = Put a penance to the person to your right.

2. Nine Cans of Beer on the Floor

In this game you will need about nine cans of beer per person, a shot glass and a timekeeper.

Every minute for 100 minutes you take a shot of beer.

At first that may seem easy enough but when you add it up it comes out to about nine beers in just over an hour and a half.

If you choose to not take a shot you do have an alternative. You may remove one article of clothing to be decided upon by a fellow player of your choice.

1. X Aces

Put a deck of card in the middle of the table. Go around the table and you have select one player to start selecting one card. If the card you picked is even you have to drink a shot, if the card is odd you do not drink. The cards are picked in the clockwise direction, if a player picks a 7; the direction of card switches. Any player who mistakes by picking a card and isn’t his turn, then you he has to drink a shot.

If you pick a king, or a Jay, you can choose anyone to have a shot.

If you pick a queen, you can set up a new rule for the game. For example you can say that if someone says (yes, or no), has to take a shot, or you can put a rule for any time that a given card is picked. The rules have to be for all the players.

If you draw an Ace you can set penance in that moment.

It’s a great game to get you drunk and horny.

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The best 10 Tips For Nightclub Pickups

Most men think that bars and nightclubs are excellent places to make pickups or getting laid, but still, most of them are not so lucky in the practice. Being successful is not always as easy at you may think, even so you consider yourself a good-looking guy or if you consider you are in a city full of people who wants to fuck. Your attitude, your mind, and the psychological games you play make most of the time al least 80% of your final performance.

I have dedicated to talk to people I consider great players, and after hearing about their stories, I have compiled 10 tips that I consider could be the most successful for any regular guy who is trying to get some action, and haven’t succeed lately.


Charley Sheen, Master of the nightclub pickups

1.    Pick the best spot in the nightclub:  Sometimes you want to chat with a hot chick in a club, but you’re stuck with your friends in a table or a spot so far way from her, that is almost impossible to talk to her. So if you are hunting, the first thing you need to do, is to pick up a nice spot with good visibility and high traffic. That will allow you interact with more people easily, and also it is good to have an excuse for being where you are, so it’s recommendable to choose a spot close to the bar or the restroom, those are often the place with more traffic in nightclubs. At this moment eye contact plays a very important role to detect who is going to be your target. Check carefully who is looking back to you, and detect the signs that girls send you that can give you more confidence. 

2.    Make friend of the barman or bartender.  When you buy something it’s important to give a nice tip. It’s important to have a good feeling or relation with the barman or bartender because you them to serve you quick and fine when you’re inviting a drink to someone. Also it will make you look more interesting if it seem that you’re friends or you’re a nice guy.

3.    Use a funny phrase but not so premeditated to break the ice: Humor is always the faster route to break the ice. The art consist in finding a good moment to say something funny. It’s important to try to make her follow the conversation by asking her opinion about something or telling something that makes are answer you. Don’t be so premeditated with what you’re saying, because you may look bad.
4.    Don’t be alone: It is always good to have at least a wingman. Three is the perfect number. Try also to be with a female friend.  Female friends make you look appealing to women in general. Always explain something like your good friends; she is your cousin, or something like that so the girl you are talking doesn’t feel intimidated by your friend.
5.    Meet her friends: If she is in a group of friends, try to meet her and meet all her friends. Be social, extroverts, talk to everyone, talk to guys too. Walk and talk like you own the fucking place. Be Social with everyone is the number one rule.
6.    Confident and funny is always great: Don’t exaggerate because you will look egocentric, and don’t show the hunger, because you will fail too. Try to be original, and confident. For example say something like “You are hot, but too bad you’re not my type.That’s funny but at the same time it says you’re confident, and you don’t have to say that line, you know how to play your game.
7.    If you forgot her name, don’t ask her again: I think that is one of most common things that can happen to you when you meet someone knew. When you hear her name try to save it. If you already forgot her name, you need a strategy to recover it or to ask her number. If you don’t have anyone to remind you her name, the best way is to put her a nickname, and call her by that if you have to tell her something. When you save her number save it like that. You will later find out her name.
8.    Touch her: At first respect her space, but you have to make your move little by little. Touch her back when walking together, or grab her hand, and stuff like that. When you’re dancing, you can advance a lot more, that’s way is really important to know how to dance. To know how to dance like an expert is not necessary but at least to look well when you do it. You must know how start touching her little by little. Escalate levels, if she is letting you to touch her that’s a great sign, if not she will send you the sign she feels uncomfortable. The trick is to go at the same velocity, so you cannot exaggerate because you will be lost. To approach to your victim by touching her is the best way to know if she is in to you, and you can make your firsts moves.  If the touching is great, and the party si rough it becomes foreplay, and later rough sex, so be calm, you'll get there.
9.    Party afterwards: Invite her and her friends to continue the party somebody’s house. Try to find sceneries where you can get more action, and be with less people. If you are already kissing, ask her to go to your house afterwards to have couple of drinks more with her friends, so she does not feel alone. If there are not chances for that, you can always ask her number and see each other someday soon.
10. Call or text her, the next day: The rule about waiting to call was made for guys who acted too needy on the first meeting. If the girl liked you, she will be happy to hear about you the next day, and your options of getting something quicker are better because is everything is already warmed up.
11. Make your strategies, and plan easy sceneries to get laid: For obvious reasons you won’t get laid at a movie theatre or at a restaurant. Also those places are more complicated to lead to sex because there isn’t alcohol involved, nor dancing and getting close to start with kissing and foreplay is more difficult. So the best way is to invite her to have some drinks at your house, to watch a movie at your house, or anything at any place you have your bed close to you. That can lead you to get laid easier. If she’s not prepare to that, you can always invite her to public places like, to a party, a bar, or other nightclub. This time will be everything a lot easier.
This does not mean that the dinner plan, or the movies plan or anything else is not a good plan for first dates, but probably it will take longer, and you’re intentions for her might thoughts a little different, and that is not very good if you only want to get laid.


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Best Gentlemen's Club around the world.

Most people who like to go to strip club or gentlemen's club, would like to know which gentlemen's club are the most famous in the city they go, so that way people can have the opportunity of visiting them and have a good time.

That's why I have done a research to know which ones are the most popular gentlemen's club all around the world, what they do, where are they located and why they are so famous. This is what I found:

Top 10 Count Down of the most popular Strip Clubs around the world:

No 10. Centerfolds - Neptune, NJ

Centerfolds is an EXCLUSIVE club in many ways. Centerfolds is the only Gentlemen's club around that lets you party all night long, well after all the other clubs have shut the lights. Centerfolds is the ONLY ALL NUDE club at the Jersey Shore.

Nude Club
Private Dances
20-25 Female Dancers
Drinks: $5
Min Age 18
No Dress Code
Feature Acts
Everyone Welcome




No 9. Atlantis Gentlemens Club - Ford Heights, IL

 Why have a boring ol' holiday? Spice it up with an event at Atlantis Gentlemen's Club.

ATLANTIS Gentlemen’s Club is 20,000 square feet of pure “LUXURY and ELEGANCE”. As you enter ATLANTIS... you feel as if you’ve been magically transported to an “ancient adult playland” filled with GORGEOUS and EXOTIC women from all over the world to entertain you all night long! ATLANTIS offers an unforgettable experience each and every visit.

Nude Club
Lap Dances
Female Dancers
Full Bar
Drinks: $$4
Fine Dining
Min Age 21
Dress Code
Feature Acts
Everyone Welcome




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No 8.FlashDancers - New York

Nearly three decades ago…FlashDancers created a sensation by introducing the scintillating LAP DANCE to New York City. Today, they continue to provide pulse-pounding entertainment at the crossroads of the world, rightfully earning their reputation as one of the most popular, exhilarating adult club in NYC.

Begining 11:30 PM
Intimate diner & Drink Experience
Full menu
Bottle Service
Body Sushi
Proper Attire Required
Bachelor Party
320 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036
(Between 8th & 9th Ave.)
Tel: (212)-582-4001
Monday through Friday: Noon to 4:00 a.m.
Saturday: 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Sunday: closed.

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No 7.  PinkMonkey - Chicago

Pink Monkey Strip club in Chicago offers a good time at a good price. This Chicago Strip club has some connections to New York Strip clubs with Similar concepts. This is one of the only BYOB Chicago strip clubs but the corking fee, the entrance fee, and the dance fee are all much higher than normal clubs.

  • Nearest Transit Station: Clinton-blue (Blue Line), Uic-halsted (Blue Line)
  • Hours:Mon-Sat 7 pm - 4 am, Sun 7 pm - 2 am
  • Parking:Street
  • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Good for Groups: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: No
  • Music: DJ
  • Best Nights: Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Happy Hour: No
  • Alcohol: No
  • Smoking: No
  • Coat Check: Yes
  • Noise Level: Average
  • Good For Dancing: No
  • Has TV: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

  • Website: http://pinkmonkeychicago.com


    No. 6. TheWindmill - London

    As the doors open to The Windmill the atmosphere is electric, with over 100 international dancers performing very sexy erotic strip shows to arouse every mans senses. The Windmill girls are known as London’s most stunning table dancers from across the globe. Brazilian, European, Asian……… all nationalities waiting to tantalise your needs. The dancers strip down to their sexy lingerie and fully nude

    Opening Mon – Sat  8.30pm – 5.30am
    17-19 Great Windmill Street, London, W1D 7JZ


    Social Media:

    No 5. Larry Flynts Hustler Club - San Francisco, CA


     The name Larry Flynt is synonymous with Grade-A debauchery, so it's understandable why this and other Hustler clubs across the nation attract some rather hot and exciting exotic dancers. In fact, that's one of the perks of the N'walins locale, which often has dancers from out of state sister clubs making the rounds here. Laps go for $30, which is kinda steep, but can be touchy-feely (within reason) with the right lady.
    source: http://www.complex.com/city-guide/2012/02/50-best-strip-clubs-in-america/larry-flynts-hustler-club

    • Hours:Mon-Wed, Sun 11:30 am - 2 am Thu 11:30 am - 4 am, Fri-Sat 11:30 am - 5 am
    • Outdoor Seating: No
    • Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
    • Parking: Street
    • Good for Groups: Yes
    • Price Range: $$$  
    • Music:DJ
    • Best Nights:Tue, Fri, Sat
    • Happy Hour: Yes
    • Alcohol: Full Bar
    • Smoking: No
    • Coat Check: Yes
    • Noise Level: Average
    • Good For Dancing: No
    • Ambience: Classy
    • Has TV: Yes
    • Wheelchair Accessible: No
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    No. 4 CrazyHorse3 - Las Vegas

    This is a club that puts in effort to give horn dogs a proper experience, including frequent porn star appearances. All nude means no alcohol allowed. Those upset by the lack of stiff drinks will soon forget their woes if they're lucky enough to be there during the naughty girl-girl shows. Don't be surprised to see plenty of enthusiastic female attendees compacted together in the front row, enjoying themselves.


    Locals are always free - including men.
    2. Wednesday and Friday nights - locals get free drinks (not just one, but many.)
    3. They offer hookah and bottle service - if you're in the in, that bottle is only $100.
    4. The women are BEAUTIFUL.
    5. The club is lit up in red, it's dark, but not dimly lit and not seedy.
    6. The girls are flirty, but not overly aggressive.
    7. Lap dances are $20.
    8. The music is loud and blaring.
    9. The don't mind if you get up and dance.
    10. There is a little afterours club here, called Posh upstairs.
    11. They aren't freaked out by women.
    12. Plenty of security everywhere.
    13. There are 3 stages on busy nights.
    14. The women's restroom is a train wreck.
    15. The drinks are STRONG.
    16. No sex in the Champagne Room.

    No. 3 KingOfDiamonds - Miami

    The King of Diamonds is the destination for shotcallers from all over, one of the elite clubs where the patrons are there to be seen as much as the curvaceous dancers. Rick Ross blew a million here for his birthday at the start of the year, and Lil Wayne chose this expansive establishment to celebrate his prison release. Why? Perhaps these videos will offer some clues.

    ADDRESS: 17800 Northeast 5th Ave.
    WEBSITE: kingofdiamondmiami.com
    Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmeh3BCtAFs


    No 2. Bagdad- Barcelona 

    This club opened their doors in 1975 and soon become the world leader in Live Porn Shows .

    With more than 20 artists from the elite world of Pornography, with performances of all kinds, as show-girls, lesbian duos, live sex, involved with the public ...

    The client, as the viewer can interact throughout the show. Helping open a bra during a striptease ...And much more! Let your imagination!

    Baghdad has always been a quarry for the porn industry in Spain, in their living debuted among many Nacho Vidal, Sophie Evans and Toni Rivas.

    Live Shows
    Bachelor parties
    Dinner & Privete Striptease
    Night tour in limo
    Stripper Cataloge
    And more
    C/ Nou de la Rambla 103 (esq. Paralelo) · BARCELONA · ESPAÑA
    Phone:934 420 777


    No 1. TootsiesCabaret - Miami


    Tootsies Cabaret based in Miami Gardens, Florida. is a subsidiary of Rick's Cabaret International Inc. (NasdaqNM:RICK).

    Tootsies Cabaret and Knockers, a new sports bar and grill within the 74,000 square foot mega gentlemen's club at 150 NW 183rd St. in Miami Gardens, on September 2nd. Knockers is a sports bar inside Tootsie's Cabaret is open seven days a week, showing all major local and national sports events. It features six huge plasma screens to watch multiple events simultaneously along with six pool tables, non-stop dart competitions and numerous video games.

    Events: Happy Hours, Prime Rib Restaurant, UFC Fights
    Online Reservations: Basic Package, Suprime Package, Elite Package, Premium Package
    General Club Feautures:
    • 60,000 SQF of Adult Entertainment
    • 3 spacious full liquor bars
    • State of the Art Lights and Sound
    • 400+ square foot Main Stage
    • Plenty of Main Floor and Stage Seating
    • 3 spacious and private friction rooms
    • Restaurant Serving Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
    • 20,000 SQF Sports Bar
    • 30 Plasma Screens
    • 11 HUGE projection screens
    • Over 300 Beautiful Entertainers
    • Professional and friendly staff
    • Secure Outdoor Parking and Private Indoor Parking for VIP Member
    Main Club VIP: Full unobstructed view of entire club, Spacious Private Dance Rooms, Luxury Seating


    Next Level: 
    • Full unobstructed view of entire club
    • Full Liquor Bar
    • 5 Private Skyboxes Overlooking the Main Stage
    • 4 Private Suites with Private Stage and Bar
    • Spacious Private Dance Rooms
    • Luxury Seating
    Social Media